Application for use of the Foxboro Coventry Towns clubhouse (the “Clubhouse”) by owners of condominium units at Foxboro Coventry Towns (each, an “Owner”) will be considered on a first come, first served basis. The Clubhouse may be reserved any day of the week between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. by submitting a completed application, signed by an Owner, together with payment of a deposit in the amount of $100.00, the deposit being refundable only if the Clubhouse is left clean and undamaged. The Management Committee of Foxboro Coventry Towns Homeowners Association, Inc. (the “Association”) is responsible to approve applications and to assess charges for clean up or damage repair. An Owner reserving the Clubhouse may – upon availability – use the Clubhouse grounds and other amenities during the hours reserved. Please note, however, that a reservation of the Clubhouse does not include exclusive use of the gym facility.

Please make sure to check the Activity Calendar to see if the clubhouse is available on the date and time of your planned event. If the clubhouse is available, you need to send an email to the Management Committee with your reservation request. Once you’ve confirmed the date is available and you’ve emailed the Management Committee, you need to mail the completed application, along with the required $100 deposit to the address below. If you want your check returned to you upon a clean inspection of the clubhouse, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope; otherwise, the check will be destroyed regardless of what you indicated on your application. Once the application and deposit is received, the Property Management Company will confirm your reservation. It is not until the application and deposit is received is the reservation considered valid.

Address to mail application and deposit:
Foxboro Coventry Towns HOA
PO Box 522398
Salt Lake City, Utah 84152-2398

Fitness Center

Only residents of Foxboro Coventry Towns may use this facility. Use of this facility is entirely at your own risk. By your use of this facility, you agree and confirm that the Foxboro Coventry Towns Homeowners Association shall not be liable for any injury or damages arising out of or resulting from such use. Please operate the equipment properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions posted on each machine. You should consult a doctor before undertaking any exercise program.

Although the Association has a quarterly maintenance contract for the fitness center equipment, should a homeowner identify a problem with any of the equipment they should send an email to the Management Committee reporting the problem. The Management Committee will make every effort to have the repairs done as quickly as possible. If parts need to be order, it may take a little longer to repair the equipment, so please be patient!

Activity Calendar

Click on an event to see details about the event.

Clubhouse/Fitness Center Keys

Only one (1) key per unit is provided to homeowners. It is the responsibility of the homeowners to keep their key in a secure place. If a homeowner loses their key, they should contact the Management Committee via an email to request a new key. The cost of replacing a lost key is $20.00; the cost for replacing a key that was deactivated because of suspension is $50.00.
Email the Management Committee.

As a review, the following document describes the services provided in return for the monthly assessment:
Foxboro Coventry Amenities

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