Pool Facility

The pool hours are from 7 A.M. until 10 P.M. daily during the regular operating season (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend). Exceptions for maintenance, health and safety conditions, inclement weather or other reasons may be made at the discretion of the Management Committee. Safety is of first and foremost importance and must be practiced by all for the mutual enjoyment of all.

All homeowners and guests using the swimming pool incur a certain risk. The Association, the Management Committee and the property management company shall not be liable for any accident, loss or injury in connection with such use except as may be determined in a court of law. All accidents, safety and security issues, and maintenance concerns are to be reported to the Management Committee immediately. Send Email

An adult homeowner must accompany all guests and children using the pool. In the case that the pool has reached its capacity, homeowners will have priority of its use. The pool is not available for private parties. The Management Committee may dismiss persons in violation of the rules, exhibiting offensive behavior or failure to provide proper identification permitting use of the facility.

Use of the pool is a privilege. The requests of the Management Committee must be honored at all times, and in accordance with the CC&Rs, Article III; Section 7(d)(2), pool privileges may be temporarily suspended in cases of violation of the rules. Any damage caused by a homeowner, or guest is the responsibility of the homeowner. The Pool Rules are Exhibit A of the Rules and Regulations document, which is posted on the Declarations & Bylaws page.

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